Why Have A Crawl Space

Many years ago people believed that foundation vents were an important part of creating a crawl space. In theory the vents allowed outside air to flow into the crawl space replacing the stale air that was inside.

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It was once thought that crawl spaces should be vented to allow moisture to move out of the area.

Why have a crawl space. Also how deep is a crawl space foundation. The presence of moisture can also foster termites carpenter ants and other insects that can damage your home and affect your quality of life. The air movement was supposed to keep humidity levels low and structural components of the house dry.

What Are Crawl Spaces Used For. The core role of a crawl space is to elevate the base of your house and its common for homes without a basement. Not only do crawl spaces allow for air to come through from the outside they also allow for insects and wildlife to intrude on this space.

However some advantages of a crawl space are that the separation from the earth beneath the home discourages termite infestation and a thorough termite inspection is possible. This is why we air seal the entire space and install insulation to keep air and heat from moving freely through your crawl space. This may lead to you having an uneven crawl space but this in itself is not problematic.

However these vents allow just as much moisture to move in and its presence is detrimental to your home. Crawl spaces have remained a bit of mystery but today we peel back the curtain and learn just how important a crawl space is to a homes foundation. Eliminating this air increases the insulation efficiency.

It Makes Sure Your Floors Are Meant to Last If moisture seeps into your floors they can rot and become unstable. The two primary reasons homes have crawl spaces are cost and accessibility – since crawl spaces work by allowing outside air to circulate beneath the house. Crawl spaces have free flowing air underneath that affects the inside air of the home.

Unfortunately it did not always work out that way. Its usually roughly 1 foot to 3 feet highjust high enough for someone to enter by crawling as its name implies low ceilings. Because it literally provides only enough room to crawl with its very low ceiling making it impossible for someone regardless of height to stand.

They can sometimes be found in areas of an attic that arent tall enough to be used as living space. It is a lot less expensive than a basement and comparable in price to a slab. This creates a vacuum in the lower levels of the home and can actually pull crawl space air all the way up through the roof of your home.

A crawl space is a narrow unfinished area of a house thats designed to be accessed by crawling. Elevating a house off the ground a crawl space houses the plumbing wiring HVAC things like ducts and the aforementioned insulation. A crawl space has several advantages over basements and slabs.

It gets the house up off the ground especially important in damp or termite -prone areas. The insulation between the rafters overhead in the crawl space represent the first floor of the house. When the grading of your land is not level a crawl space will work better because of the ability to alter the height of the surrounding cinder blocks and internal piers to level off the home.

Unfortunately this prevailing theory ended up being false. The walls can be up to 5 feet high but the typical crawl space is between 1 to 3 feet high which means the homeowner will have to crawl to get around hence the name. The idea was that the crawl space needed to breathe and vents were the best way to let that happen.

Benefits of a crawl space in your house Typically a crawl space is preferable to a concrete slab foundation because it allows you unrestricted access to all the features we just mentioned. The earth beneath the floor of the crawl space is also pre-treated for termites before construction begins. A crawl space is an empty area about one to three feet above the ground replacing a poured concrete slab.

Because crawl space encapsulation works as a type of insulation floors wont be cold in the winter and the house wont be stiflingly hot and muggy in the summer. A crawl space is essentially a hollow area under the floors of some homes between the ground and the first floor. What is a crawl space.

By building the floor of a home off the ground as opposed to on a concrete slab-on-grade there are several benefits including. So why do homes have a crawl space. From its purpose to foundation effects you can learn all about crawl spaces today.

Two feet Correspondingly can a crawl space be filled in. Many of those who have a crawl space under the property tend to ignore it and let it fall into a poor state but this is something that can cause a huge range of problems around your main home. Standing about 1 to 3 feet high crawl spaces often sit between the ground and the first floor of a home.

In addition its been determined that crawl space vents contribute to something known as the stack effect This is a phenomenon whereby warm air rises and leaves from the homes upper levels. The long answer A crawl space uses footings and walls either made of cinder blocks or poured concrete to support the weight of the house. At the extreme end water in a crawlspace can lead to rot and decay that weaken structural members and make major architectural repairs necessary.

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