What Should The Humidity Be In A Crawl Space

Having high humidity in a crawl space also causes all porous material to soak up moisture from the air like a sponge. Crawl space temperature and humidity chart.

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No matter what your current crawl space humidity is you can get it to that magical number.

What should the humidity be in a crawl space. Condition or dehumidify your crawl space air. Crawl space humidity should generally remain between 10 and 16. The vents in your crawl space are the perfect gateway from vapor from outdoor air to come in raising the areas relative humidity to unhealthy levels.

There is a direct correlation between relative humidity and wood moisture content. Since his crawl space system was installed back in September he has been recording temperature and relative humidity in the crawl space in his house and outside. Ideally the level of relative humidity in your crawl space should be 55 on the high end.

All you have to do is get in touch with a JES expert. The garage is always overlooked when it comes to humidity control by many contractors. Excess humidity in a crawl space affects the condition of the concrete blocks used in the foundation.

The stack effect draws the air from your crawl space into your home. In some extreme cases sections of the floor may even begin to cave in. Effects of High Humidity in Crawl Space.

This number wasnt my owe range but practiced all over the world as humidity check and balance range. A rotting crawl space will begin to sag creating uneven floors above. Be it crawl spaces inside your home or basement optimal humidity levels remain the same at across the levelsBasement ideal humidity follows the standard measurement of 30 60 humidity level.

Keeping the crawl space and basement relative humidity between 45 and 55 can have the same affect on the rest of your house. Monday October 22nd 2012 We speak of lowering relative humidity but it can actually become too low. You can measure relative humidity using a hygrometer analog or digital.

Its important that you keep to a 30-60 humidity in your crawl space ideally leveling out at around 55. However its a good idea to measure this humidity level year-round. Once the relative humidity the percentage of moisture that the air of a particular.

Best Humidity Level for Your Garage. You may need to do specific things to maintain your crawl space humidity in different seasons. Typically however you can tell just by entering the space if the humidity feels high if the air feels wet thats your sign.

Based on this figure it is recommended that you keep humidity levels in your crawl space around or below 50. As humidity builds in your crawl space it creates an ideal space for mold and rot to grow. Here are a few of the bad side effects of high humidity in your crawl space.

Keep reading for a guide to proper crawl space maintenance and extend the health and life of your home. Some molds grow under humidity conditions less than 70. Crawlspace Moisture Control Proper moisture control in crawl space is necessary if you dont want to end up with the negative health effects caused by mold and mildew rot and rodents and.

Think of the hot air escaping through your attic as pulling the air pressure in your home upward. Wood in a damp environment will become damp itself and damp wood rots and mold grows on it. As it does all organic material in your crawl space will be damaged including wooden floorboards and structural support beams.

Many homes have garages that contain heating and air conditioning equipment. When Is Low Humidity In Your Crawl Space Too Low. One of our customers from Charleston SC is a data-crunching kind of guy.

The inability to regulate this humidity creates moisture and can lead to mold growth in the crawl space. Even when the crawl space does not flood a dirt crawl space floor can become quite wet during the rainy season. Maintaining your crawl space at a level of about 55 humidity keeps the air healthy.

It mightve been 60 relative humidity outside relative to a temperature of 90 F say but when that air came into the crawl space and cooled down to 75 F the relative humidity jumped up to 95. This level may change a little bit depending on where you live and the season youre in. Humidity From The Crawl Space Floor.

Toxic mold can flourish on any porous material in a damp space. However even this number can change considerably based on several factors. Mold and mildew growth.

As a general rule you should typically keep your crawl space humidity level under 55. As this happens a large portion of that moisture will enter the air in the crawl space leading to humidity. Crawl spaces tend to be moist for the reasons described above.

Proper Crawl Space Humidity Levels.

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