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There should be enough space for the screen and sensors as well. However the exact size you need will depend on your swing and the equipment you end up using.

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A common area of space that many home simulators use is 10 feet wide by 15 feet long by 10 feet high.

Space required for golf simulator. To play comfortably you need enough space. A ceiling height of 10ft would be ideal and the minimum recommended height is a standard 9ft ceiling. Depending on the nature of the simulation installation the wall located directly behind the intended area for the simulation screen BACK WALL may be used for providing support andor structural integrity to the simulation bay.

As a simulator user you need to know the space required for your golf simulator. The number one consideration of course is that you have enough room to comfortably swing your golf club. The minimum space required to set up most golf simulators is 10W x 10L x 85H.

One of the most common questions we receive from customers early on in the buying process is how much space do I need. It is advisable to have 15 feet or more available. To properly and safely accommodate the Foresight Sports Performance Simulator.

You cant swing freely. In general the more room the better if you have the additional space. The simulator will require a laptop or personal computer so make sure that you also have enough space for a small table to perch it on.

Cowlens Golf recommends that the simulator space is 600m deep to allow for 200m back swing 200m follow through and a reasonable distance for ball flight. Having a wide enough space is just as important as length for your simulator build if not moreso. What if my room is too narrow.

The components important for you while selecting space are as. Things like player height and arm length can factor into how much space is required. The minimum code for basement ceiling height is 7 feet and the OptiShot simulator recommends at least 85 feetwe recommend even more height than that if you plan on swinging your driver in the simulator.

Golf Simulator Space Requirements. The minimum room width Id recommend having for a golf simulator build is 10ft 305m. Dont set up your golf simulator screen in small space.

Again this can depend on the height of the player the users playing style whether they are right or left handed and even the golf simulator itself. The room requirements are ultimately dependent on the clearance needed for your golf swing. Mevo Plus requires at least 16 feet of indoor room length and another 10 feet in height.

If you have a space with at least those dimensions then you most likely are in the clear. If you are considering a home golf simulator as a first step you should swing a variety of clubs in your space to see what it will. The makers of the Optishot golf simulator recommend that a golfer of average height should use a room that measures no less than 10 x 10 with a minimum ceiling height of 85.

The required width depends on your swing and whether you need a centred aim but we recommend a minimum of 10ft. It may seem perfect to you before setting but you will regret it after playing. The golf simulator space requirements can range from ten feet by ten feet with an overhead clearance of seven to ten feet.

First you should check how much space is available for your simulator. Depending on your height wingspan and club length you might be comfortable in a space as short as 8 or you might need 9 or 10 feet to avoid coming into contact with the ceiling. The height of the simulator can range between 285m and 300m which will be sufficient for all types of swing.

To help you select the perfect simulator for your available space we arranged this section with the details of the room-size. As you can see in the image below Trackman recommends up to 9 feet behind the ball and 15 feet in front of the golfer for a total of 24 feet. Because Trackman uses radar to track the golf ball it does require significant space.

The minimum space required to set up most golf simulators is 10W x 10L x 85H. Requirements for indoor use. If you are a shorter player then you might be able to get away with a slightly shorter ceiling.

Space requirements can vary from customer to customer based on their height swing as well as equipment used screen mat projector etc. How much room width do I need for a golf simulator. For many golfers this is a deal-breaker.

So try to consider the required space first then build your home simulator. The FlightScope Mevo Plus space requirements are larger than some launch monitors. 25m8ft from Launch Monitor to tee position plus a further minimum requirement of 25m8ft of ball travel to the impact screen plus a further 500mm to the rear of the impact screen for safety.

You need enough space to swing your driver or the longest club. The hardest part about setting up your golf simulator will finding a the right space. The most used dimensions for a space thats going to have a golf simulator installed is.

Considering that it is beneficial to have protection on the floor against dropping golf balls space required behind the screen to prevent golf balls from hitting the wall and there is a mat in place from where you will be hitting the golf balls a minimum of 10 feet of depth is required. 9 to 10 feet high 10 feet tall ceilings being what you should strive for When youre figuring out how much space you need for your golf simulator there are some things that golfers tend to not consider such as floor space.

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