Should We Fund Space Exploration

Space may be the final frontier but its an expensive one to explore. This is an exciting time for space exploration and discovery.

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Space exploration and colonization of the Moon and Mars are an insurance policy for humanity and all of our achievements.

Should we fund space exploration. Kidney-dialysis machines implantable pacemakers affordable and accurate LASIK surgery global-positioning satellites. However space exploration is not something we need in this very moment. If we continue exploring space people will find more resources.

There are a number of ways to spend a 193 billion annual budget. The American people via their representatives decided that we were willing to each pay 160 a year to put this giant telescope in space and operate it so that researchers around the world could. As scientists found out the universe is full of resources.

We think that based on the reasons above it is certainly worth it to spend 060 of the national budget just six out of every thousand dollars on NASA. How can we justify allocating nearly nine times the amount of money for research on a disease that affects 39 of the population while knowledge gained from space exploration directly affects 100 of the population. We could pay for 194 million young adults in the United States to attend a public 4-year university we could provide 187 million people with health care or we could use the money to fund the National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASA for one year.

From inspiring the next generation to increasing our survival chances in the future space exploration is important to our evolution. Download behaviour depends on browsers and you can experience any of the below behaviour. Because it can benefit us as individuals and as a.

The last five decades of human presence in space has led to advancements in nearly every aspect of society. 1Video directly gets played in the window. Thats what we came up with.

So why should we commit ourselves to it. Should we fund space exploration. But those whove long dreamed of humans becoming a truly spacefaring race argue that exploring space provides down-to-earth benefits in areas such as health mining and security.

Should leave space exploration to private companies — or even other countries. Should Money be spent on Space Exploration. US Spending on Space Travel since 1958 The Guardian.

Space exploration is costly and many argue that in times of belt-tightening we should focus on solving problems here on Earth especially since the knowledge gained from space exploration has few immediate benefits. Twentieth-century America owed much of its security and economic strength to national support for science and technology. However most of the efforts to discover whats out still depend mostly on public funding.

And more inspirational benefits too. We shouldnt retreat from the moon we should return to it. Find out what leading i.

We must prioritise the needs of our human race and only wholly concentrate on space exploration once there is a large improvement in the humanitarian issues Earth is currently facing. We shouldnt ignore it as a next destination we should embrace it. No space exploration should be first and foremostA planed trip to mars in this time should not be even be consideredLet technology catch up with our need to exploreLook at us nowwe are on the brink of cold fusionWe have large coliders finding eliments never before seenThe idea of folding space is within our graspA mission to a distant planet would be an exersize in feutility at this timeThere is no way a person could servive a year in a confined spacethe mental stress would be.

The reason why this would be a good idea is because with NASA focusing on Space exploration they would have to find ways to make stronger and faster rockets and more filling meals for long space flights. There are ample problems with which to contend here on Earth and that leads some people to wonder if space exploration is. Some of the most revolutionary and marketable technologies of the past decades have been spun off research done under the banner of US space exploration.

Space exploration involves great economic investment massive risks and seemingly impossible objectives. Space exploration can be very profitable and it will relieve the Earths burden supplying natural resource. The same concepts are emphasized in the Aldridge Commissions Report on the Implementation of United States Space Exploration Policy titled A Journey to Inspire Innovate and Discover The question should we explore must be seen in deep historical context not in the context of present-day politics or whims.

It would be advisable that more money should be invested into NASA for space exploration purposes. In this case to save video on your system you can use save option available in right click menu.

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