How To Treat Crawl Space For Termites

A couple treatment alternatives exist for dealing with sealed crawl spaces. Salt can be an effective and natural method to kill termites.

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We want to put termite treatment and the crawl space under the house isnt big enough for someone to get under there and maneuver.

How to treat crawl space for termites. Crawl space encapsulation and insulation dont have to mean its impossible for a pest control company to inspect the area. Mold also grows in a humid crawl space or basement. Keep it at least 15 inches away from your foundation.

Inside the crawl space you would need to trench around any piers that hold up the home but the outside trench would be all that is required for the actual foundation if you are using Termidor SC. Wood moisture levels are always high in a humid environment. These systems would remove the requirement to treat the inside of the crawl space perimeter.

Installing a sump pump is also beneficial if you do already have accumulated water build up. Maybe 2 12 – 3 feed tall now. However certain problems can arise within a crawl space.

Inject it into all the affected areas. When moisture builds up in your crawl space your chances of termite and wood borer beetles infestation goes up with it. It is used for access to pipes the foundation and other areas beneath the house that may require attention.

Cover 70 to 80 of the surface. You just have to fill a jar with equal part of salt and warm water. The Sentricon bait system can be used in lieu of soil treatment with appropriate use of SC Pest Regulatory Waivers and Disclosures.

Dont cover it all your structure needs a little moistureto keep it from drying out. Termites will die out of dehydration. Properly ventilating these spaces would aid you greatly in the fight against termites.

Another way to prevent termites in your crawl space is to make sure your crawl space floor is clean. Orange oil and neem oil can kill termites slowly over time by inhibiting their ability to shed their skin or lay eggs. If accepted by EPA new labeling of Termidor will allow treatment of only the exterior perimeter of a foundation.

You will also need to drill holes in patios driveways and concrete block piers to apply the treatment. Mud tubes on foundation and crawl-space walls signal termites. How would we go about digging it out.

As I mentioned in in the previous installment of this series on preventing termites we have a customer that will pay around 3000 for one termite treatment by an exterminator. A sealed crawl space termite inspection is possible with the right tools. For a liquid treatment a professional will trench around the houses perimeter to apply the liquid chemical treatment.

You may need to drill into drywall to apply the product to a wall void or directly into infested wood to direct treat the termite gallery. When you have completed all steps above consider installing a high retardant vapor barrier liner experts usually advise using above standard 4 or 6 mil and sealing the crawl space floors and walls. You can interrupt rising ground evaporation moisture by placing a vapor barrier on top of the soil in the crawl space.

Although moisture draws termites to your home its not the only reason for termites in your crawl space. Honestly if u can think of a way for me to get the termidor under there without going under there im up for that two but all of the pest people Ive talked to say its not big. Just mix two cups of water with a couple drops of dish soap and about 10 drops of your chosen oil.

If you use Dominion 2L you would have to trench the inside and the outside of the crawlspace foundation as well as the piers. High humidity in a basement or crawl space is one way to attract termites. The Termidor SC will last for 10 years to protect your home and the Dominion 2L will last for 7 years.

There are many options of course for insulating your crawl space to protect against termite infestation. To ward off termites ants roaches etc the key is to manage the conditions in your crawl space. They can spray the outer perimeter of your house in order to prevent additional termites from coming in as well as using foggers or other sprays to kill all of the termites that have already made it into your crawl space.

A damp crawl space calls for Moisture Control. How to Kill Termites Yourself. A crawl space is an important part of many houses.

Moisture control in your crawl space area is paramount to the successful eradication of subterranean termites in your structure. Inspect your crawl space and use caulking foam insulation or wood to close off any holes no matter how small. Termite colonies prefer a moist environment where high humidity is absorbed by wood.

When drilling into drywall it is recommended that you drill holes about 18 inches up from the floor and in between each stud around the infested area. Seal up any holes or cracks on your homes exterior. They have to be monitored and maintained all year to be effective.

Take a syringe and fill in with salty water. Crawl spaces can also be used for storage of infrequently used items. So keep the crawl space area dry.

But theres also the matter of smaller insects. Useful in houses with inaccessible crawl spaces or slab foundations where termites can sneak up through cracks into interior walls. Have Proper Ventilation For Your Crawlspace Or Basement Reducing moisture and humidity in areas around the foundation such as your basement and crawlspace is a great way to help prevent termites from invading your home.

Most any breed can be trained to sniff out the methane termites emit as they digest wood. Termite bait stations are another way you can treat a termite infestation. Keep firewood and any other wood at least 20 feet away from your house and five inches.

If there are any gaps in the liquid chemical treatment termites can return and still manage to get into your home. Yes it should be very salty. There are innumerable ways to kill termites.

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