How To Measure Space For A Refrigerator

First move your current refrigerator and use a tape measure to measure the width and height of the space. Measure from the wall to the front of your cabinets.

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To measure a refrigerators dimensions open the refrigerator door measure the depth of the refrigerator from the front edge to the back wall measure the height and width of the refrigerators opening and then multiply the height width and depth to determine the cubic foot measurement.

How to measure space for a refrigerator. Heres how to measure. To measure a fridges size measure the width by extending the tape measure from across the fridge from side to side then measure the height from top to bottom and the depth across the width of the side. This lets you know if the fridge will stick out beyond them be level or sink in behind them.

You should leave between ½-inch to 1-inch of clearance between the walls and cabinetry. Plan for between one-half inches to one-inch of clearance on both sides of the unit. Measure All Sides of the Space.

Measuring the space inside your refrigerator might not be your first choice of activity for a Saturday afternoon but it has its purposes. Make sure there is a minimum of one-half inch to one-inch of clearance on top of the unit. In part the dimensions of a new freestanding refrigerator can be estimated based on its configuration or type.

How do I measure space for a refrigerator. To avoid all these you can measure the refrigerator bearing these in mind. How To Measure For A New Refrigerator Taking accurate measurements in your home is critical when purchasing a new refrigerator.

There should be enough room for the refrigerator to fit easily under any cabinetry that is mounted above and one the sides of the refrigerator if needed. To find the depth measure from the back of the space to the front of the counter. The refrigerator will need minimum clearances of 2-inches from the back wall 1-inch from the upper cabinet and 18-inch on either side of the fridge.

How to measure your kitchen when buying a new refrigerator. Measure the space in front of the refrigerator so doors and drawers can open without getting dinged. Typically because of the electrical or water connection this will help push the fridge out slightly away.

Then measure the depth front to back. Remember that homes settle and what one measurement is doesnt necessarily mean that it will be the same measurement on the opposite side. Measure from wall to counter cabinet to cabinet or whatever may be on either side of your refrigerator space.

Record your smallest width. First youll need to find the perfect space in your kitchen to put your new fridge. Using a tape measure check out the height from top to bottom and the width from side to side.

Perhaps youre planning to buy a week of meal-prep kits described as fitting in an 18 cubic foot fridge or youre moving house and need to check that your fridge meets the movers policies on what size theyll transport. When purchasing a new refrigerator you need to know more than just the refrigerator size for installation and delivery. Make sure to buy a model with at least 4 to 6 cubic feet of space for each person using the refrigerator.

If your kitchen is narrow you might want to measure the space across too so you know if youll have room for wide doors to open. This is my first time shooting and editing a video and yes I know I need to work on the editing. It is also advisable to take the measurement twice for accuracy.

You want to find the minimum width measurement and be as precise as possible. When you get the depth measurement make sure to check the left and right sides. Start at the top of the space work your way down to the counter top and then check the width at the baseboards.

At the store open the refrigerator doors to a 90-degree angle and measure from the back of the fridge to the front of the doors. When you measure the space for a new refrigerator make sure to take several measurements. Measure the height Be sure to measure from the very bottom of your space to the very top and add 5 – 1 inch just to be on the safe side.

Since the size of a refrigerator varies between models and brandscarefully measure check and double-check the height width and depth of your kitchen space. Leave between one to two inches of space at the rear of the refrigerator to allow proper airflow. Then do the same with the width and depth by measuring from the wall to the edge of your counters.

If your refrigerator is located next to a wall leave 2½ inches between the wall and the hinge side of the door so it can swing open. You should leave a minimum of 1-inch and preferably 2-inch of clearance. Here are step by step instructions on how to do it correctly.

Next grab a measuring tape and measure the height of the space from top to bottom or to the top of the counter if youre opting for an undercounter model. Follow our step by step instructions. Subtract the minimum clearance from initial space measurements to find the maximum dimensions of the refrigerator models you can consider.

From top to bottom left to right front to back its worth measuring a couple of times for accuracy. If theyre uneven it could impact how the door opens or which side the door needs to go on.

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