How To Dehumidify A Crawl Space

In case of a divided crawl space use flexible ducting to extend the exhaust from one area of your space to the other. You can do it yourself but its not always the best option.

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In this instance you want to make sure the floor doesnt leech moisture into the air which can cause wet crawl space problems.

How to dehumidify a crawl space. Sealing is a step in the right direction. Crawl space humidity should generally remain between 10 and 16. With an open crawl space putting a dehumidifier is useless because you are basically trying to dehumidify the entire outdoors due to open air flow as well as moisture creep through cinder block walls.

Perhaps if the fans blew OUT of the crawl space that might have been better but the proper approach is to find and fix sources of water entry seal poly is ok the floor and dehumidify the area. The key to proper dehumidification is proper air flow and proper water removal in that order. With the humidity level and required air changes per hour determined the next step in choosing the right crawl space dehumidifier is measuring the cubic feet which the device will dehumidify.

Bulk water is solved by fixing the drainage or plumbing problems. Multiply those measurements together to find the size of the space in square feet or meters. The tried and false method of venting the crawl space to the outdoors Putting a little bit of supply air from the HVAC system into the crawl space Using an exhaust fan to move air from the crawl space to outside.

When the humidity level is higher than 70 that moisture gets into the wood and starts breaking it down. A better solution would be to install a dehumidifier. Everything you need to know about crawl space encapsulation.

Conditioned Air is Better-. If youre having trouble with water underneath the home it might be time to bring in someone with the experience and equipment to make it happen. Increased heating cooling and ventilation bills.

Crawl Space Cubic Feet. Also the pink underfloor insulation in an open crawl space holds moisture. The baking soda will help to keep the bad odor to a minimum.

A thick vapor barrier is one of the few things that can dehumidify a crawl space with a dirt floor. Before trying to tackle the moisture in the air you need to locate the source of the water and stop the. Exposed damp soil plumbing leaks saturated groundwater table and humid and arid air are a few of the ways in which moisture can humidify crawlspaces.

A dehumidifier will not correct puddles and water leaking or dripping into the crawl space. Pints per kilowatt hour PkWh or Liters per kilowatt hour LkWh will determine how efficient the unit is. Water evaporating from the ground or coming through the vents can be fixed by encapsulating your crawl space.

Crawl spaces can become damp during the ordinary course of a day especially in high humidity climates. Crawl space water removal is an involved task and requires a lot of equipment that most people dont have lying around the home. To maintain appropriate crawl space humidity close ventilators to outside air install a vapor barrier and redirect water away from the home.

U- Shaped Crawl Space In the case of a U- shaped crawl space the optimal placement is the middle of the dehumidifier and using flexible ducting separate the intake from the exhaust. If you need to dehumidify a room place multiple containers in different corners or areas of the room. It will remove the existing moisture and ensure the crawl space remains dry.

Another plus for baking soda is its ability to absorb odors as well. But it wont be able to dry out the air if its already moist. When choosing a dehumidifier youll need to take into account the size of the space youre trying to dehumidify.

Basically your options are to do one of the following. In both cases youll have to use flexible ducting to separate the intake air from the exhaust air. If your crawl space is U-shaped place the humidifier in the middle but if its rectangular place it at either end.

You dehumidify a crawl space using a dehumidifier specially designed to cover larger surface areas. Decreasing life of shingles and roof. If left unresolved this could eventually lead to these supports becoming unsound.

When the humidity is high and theres significant dampness musty odors are likely also present. Divided Crawl Space For a segmented crawl space you can use ductwork and extend the exhaust from one segment of the crawl space to the other. Removing the moisture barrier from the crawl floor and blowing fans turns the crawl space into a moisture pump moving moisture from soil into the crawl space air.

View for a detailed explana. Remember your crawl space most likely has supports studs and joists made of wood. Project installed by Bay Crawlspace Solutions of Virginia Beach VA.

That humidity can become trapped in the crawl space and eventually soak into the foundation. Moisture can enter crawlspaces due to a variety of factors. If youve got a vented crawl space with high relative humidity caused by one or more of the above to solve the problem youve got to remove the causes.

The length of the space multiplied by the height multiplied by the width will give you the cubic feet of your crawl space. If you cant get the moist air to the crawl space dehumidifier it does not matter how much water it removes. If you dont already know how big the space is use a measuring tape to measure the length and width of the floor.

Dehumidify the Crawl Space.

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