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The Space Pen also known as the Zero Gravity Pen marketed by Fisher Space Pen Company is a pen that uses pressurized ink cartridges and is able to write in zero gravity underwater over wet and greasy paper at any angle and in a very wide range of temperatures. Ballpoint pens however require gravity as anyone who has ever tried to write a Post-It note on a.

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This is the original Fisher Space Pen that was used on the Apollo 7 space mission in 1968 after 2 years of testing by NASA and has been used on all manned space flights since then.

How much is a space pen. Astronaut Walter Cunningham Apollo 7 using the Space Pen in the space. The pen body is made of solid brass with hard chrome plating for a solid durable ballpoint pen. NASA Spent Millions to Develop a Space Pen In the common version of this myth widely spread by Internet factoid-purveyors and even some newspapers Apollo-era NASA needed a writing instrument that will work in space.

The Fisher Space Pen refill is highly engineered to perform pretty much anywhere. Fisher offered the Space Pen to NASA for a low price of 198 and soon it was flying on missions with astronauts. The design and construction of this pen has not changed in 36 years.

They both paid 239 per pen instead of 398. What various documents about the Space Pen demonstrate is that NASA did not develop the Space Pen and initially did not even purchase it. Which is exactly the kind of marketing that Fisher wanted.

For Project Gemini for example NASA ordered mechanical pencils in 1965 from Tycam Engineering Manufacturing Inc in Houston. The sealed pressurized ink cartridge writes in almost any condition the Space pen refill writes at -30 degrees F -34 degrees C to 250 degrees F 121 degrees C underwater at any angle even upside down. In December 1967 he sold 400 Fisher Space Pens to NASA for 295 each.

Lead pencils were used on all Mercury and Gemini space flights and all Russian space flights prior to 1968. However the product literature states that the pen will write out the equivalent of exactly 307 miles of ink approximately 494 kilometers. Its shiny and weighty and feels more like a fountain pen to hold than a clicky one.

Depending on which email chain you receive or which fake news story comes across in your newsfeed the amount that the US spent researching a pen that would work in space ranged from a million to a billion dollars. According to the companys website the sealed pressurized ink cartridge performs in temperatures from -30F to 250F underwater in zero gravity at any angle – even upside down. The Space Pen caught.

The AP later noted that both NASA and the Soviet space agency received the same 40 percent discount for buying their pens in bulk. NASAs procurement office was at the time purchasing Fishers AG-7 pens at a cost of 4 apiece still a significant amount of money in 1967 and was not buying the Space Pen which cost 198. The 1 Million 1 Billion Space Pen.

The Fisher Space Pen is an object steeped in some serious lore. Many a casual pen historian will tell you how NASA spent millions of taxpayer dollars during the space race of the 60s developing a utensil that could write in space while the Soviets just gave their astronauts pencils and called it a day. Fisher founder of the Fisher Pen Company with 1 million of his own funds.

Original Astronaut Space Pen w July 20 1969 Fisher logo Engraving. Each of the Fisher Space pens are made in America and come with a pressurized ballpoint PR4 refill in black ink medium point that writes upside down in extreme temperatures and of course in space. During the first NASA missions the astronauts used pencils.

AG7 Chrome Plated Astronaut Space Pen Chrome Plated Astronaut Space Pen. The Soviet Union subsequently also purchased the space pen for its Soyuz spaceflights. The first thing you notice about the Fisher 7 Space Pen is how well-built it feels in your hand.

NASA tested and approved the pen for space use then purchased 400 pens at 6 per pen. The Fisher Space Pens Refill Space pen refill The refill is the technology of the Fisher Space pens. The Fisher Space Pen.

In reality the space pen was independently developed by Paul C. The fixed price contract purchased 34 units at a total cost of 438250 or 12889 per unit. The Fisher Space Pen is able to write in zero gravity and works upside down under water over grease and in extreme temperatures.

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