Furnace In Crawl Space Problems

Read the question but do not skip the answers and feedbacks if it seems that your issue is a slightly different. The vents were meant to keep moisture and humidity out of a crawl space but research.

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Electric furnace problems can be tricky to solve because there are so many possible causes and also because the problem can be intermittent.

Furnace in crawl space problems. Or install in a closet inside the house. Instead air was supplied to the crawl space from the house itself three vents in all. That moisture can freeze if it receives exposure to exceptionally cold temperatures.

If this is the problem then there is probably a weak spot in the ducts and they need support. I need a new furnace for a crawl space. Condensate from Furnace Leaking into Crawl Space.

Both radon gas and mold is picked up by the HVACs air inlet. We also found out that this is almost always done as a retrofit by a do-it-yourselfer homeowner that wanted to use the correctly appointed systems furnace hot water heater etc space to convert into living space. If there are still no a solution in sight.

This is why in almost all states it is lnow illegal to install a furnace in a crawl space. It has come timeto replace the HVAC unit should I keep it in the crawlspace. How to insulate a crawl space.

The return air was not ducted in from the house but from the crawl space. Heating a crawlspace will prevent moldBut heating a dirt floor crawlspace without taking any steps towards insulating the crawlspace and creating an air seal is going to cost dearly so there are a few things I would do first to prevent heat loss air leakage moisture damage and moldThis page here will have most of the answers you need. Its caused by a tiny explosion when you start the furnace or a flame that is too big.

If the crawl space does not have proper ventilation a combination effect takes place. This includes making sure your ducts and crawl space are properly insulated and sealed to prevent moisture accumulation. I inspected a house today that had a horizontal furnaceblower fan and evaporator coil in the foundation crawlspace with the condensing coil a few feet away behind a garage.

This could happen if your furnace is tucked up in a crawl space somewhere. CRAWL SPACE FOUNDATION According to data from the Survey of Construction roughly 15 of new single-family homes have a crawl space foundation installed. The crawl space is gererally dry.

This problem is a lot less common but can be a big problem. The majority 54 have a slab foundation meaning that it is still the most popular choice. The system was manufactured by Ruud was fairly new and working well but heres the rub.

This can be fixed by screwing a thicker piece of metal across and onto the weak spot. My current furnace is in my crawl space. Or cause moisture problems.

The only way to prevent this cumulative problem is to ventilate out the crawl space properly. Most homeowners should not place a condensing furnace in an unconditioned space because the unit will produce water as it heats the air. Electric water heaters and furnaces work normally in an airtight crawl space but gas or oil fired units work differently.

It can damage furnaces which have a high efficiency rating. I could see the design of this system turning into a lawsuit quite easily. However there are multiple reasons why architects and contractors may still suggest a crawl space foundation.

The air handler for the heat pump was in the crawl space. If it gets cold enough down there you can have problems with the condensate from it freezing so the space should be insulated. Your HVAC specialist will be able to tell you.

Its fine to make the crawl space this air tight when its empty but it becomes dangerous when theres an appliance in it that needs fresh air and produces dangerous fumes. If you have mold in your furnace youll want to hire a professional to clean your system and take the necessary steps to prevent mold from growing in the future. The crawl space had no vents to the outside.

Dont Let Furnace Water Leaks Ruin Your Holiday. All the duct work and cold air returns are in the crawl space. Years ago before nearly every home had air conditioning homeowners opened the windows for fresh air which reduced these symptoms.

I found a Hamilton also for the same. If the furnace had been left in the crawl space its stand-by losses would warm the crawl space keeping the pipes from freezing and warming the first floor. Edwardson said having an unconditional crawl space creates several problems because of those foundation vents.

His reasoning of not putting. On this page you can find a solution to your problem. A recently installed furnace in a crawl space.

First of all moisture had entered the foundation. No its quite the contrary. Creating a conditioned crawl space or an encapsulated crawl space is a newer technology that greatly improves the air quality in your home eliminates costly structure problems and eliminates the environment in which mold fungus bacteria and insects thrive.

The man who built the house stated he was a mechanical engineer and was quick to protect his design. Rudd makes UGPH series a standard 80 that is for a crawl space and it sounds like a very well built unit. Jump to Latest Follow.

You need to make sure your furnace is up to the task of heating that extra area. This is a compounded problem since now mold-laden and radioactive air is circulated throughout the house. The most of the solutions are the same and you just have to analyze information on the page and adapt it to your particular case.

Check for leaks that could be causing a short. The old furnace had a cracked secondary heat exchanger and needed to be replaced.

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