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How To See Whats Taking Space On Mac Manually. You will get to view the space used on Mac in different categories such as photos videos docs apps and Other.

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Gonzalo Martinez an Apple repair specialist responded.

Find disk space on mac. 2 Click About This Mac. Choose the Storage tab to check the disk storage overview and capacity. A hard disk analysis tool like Disk Inventory X will scan your Macs hard disk and display which folders and files are using up the most space.

Click the magnifying glass at the top right to open Spotlight. At the About This Mac window click on the More Info button. Type disk utility into the search box.

The simplest way to check Mac hard drive space is by accessing About This Mac. If your Mac is running Mac OS 106 or earlier heres how to check to the available hard drive space on your Mac. Mac disk utility – OmniDiskSweeper helps find lots of wasted disk space.

Check Your Disk to See What is Taking Up Space and Find Large Files. If you want to check a Macs disk space and disk usage this is one of the simplest ways to do so. The Finder search function works reasonably well for this purpose but for many Mac users they will find one of the above third party utilities to be easier to quickly scan for large groups of files on a drive with.

Keep in mind Disk Utility is meant for power users who want to manage their storage and is a bit of overkill for most users How To Manage Storage in macOS. OmniDiskSweeper scans the files and folders of your Macs hard drive and displays a list in order of file size of the contents of your drive. Its in the menu bar at the top-left of the screen.

The most basic way to check free disk space on a Mac is by using Finder. To free up disk space its helpful to know exactly what is using disk space on your Mac. Let us know in the comments.

The OmniDiskSweeper helped me very quickly find over 3GB of wasted disk space through a simple user interface which is shown here. Know of any other great utilities to analyze disk storage space and files on a Mac. Move your pointer over each segment for more detail.

Open a new Finder window by pressing CommandN or selecting File New Finder Window in the menu bar. How to Check Disk Space on Your Mac. From anywhere in Mac OS choose the Apple menu item and select About This Mac At the general About This Mac window click on the Storage tab or if youre running an earlier Mac OS X version click on More Info button.

Click the Apple Menu. Find out how much storage is available on your Mac Choose Apple menu About This Mac then click Storage. You can also use a little-known shortcut to open one from anywhere In the window that opens click on the drive youd like to check in the sidebar.

Each segment of the bar is an estimate of the storage space used by a category of files. How to check disk space on Mac by using the Disk Utility app. Switch to the Finder and then open a new Finder window.

On a desktop click the Apple icon and select About This Mac. From the File menu select Get Info. Click on the Apple icon and choose About This Mac.

If you have been using your Mac for a long time then its time to clean up the mess to get more disk space. On the right you can identify the storage hogs by file type sorted by size. From the sidebar select your hard disk by clicking it once as shown below.

How to Check Disk Space on Mac. Open the Apple menu then select About This Mac. Click the Storage tab in the toolbar to see how much disk space you have available.

You can then delete these space hogs to free up space. To start go to Apple menu Click About This Mac-Storage. Once you identify the.

Choose Disk Utility from result or press Enter when it is highlighted. In this post we have listed both the ways for you to find out whats taking up so much space on your Mac. Alternatively click the large blocks of color to find out which files are taking the most space.

MacOS includes several ways to help you find out how much disk space you have left on your computer without the need for a third-party app to be installed on your device. Both Mac disk utilities were helpful in different ways but in the end the OmniDiskSweeper really helped the most so Ill talk about it first. Open Disk Utility and it will launch into a view of the volume s on your Mac which also shows how much space is used and how much is free.

This allows a user to easily find the largest files. On the upper left of your screen is an Apple logo. Click on that and go down to About This Mac Youll see six tabs and you want to click on Storage Youll see the name of your drive how much space is available and the total size.

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